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-The General, Dispatch

Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28: My Room Is Freakishly Clean and Organized, Among Other Things

I will be the first to admit that I have a serious aversion to cleanliness.  Or rather, I don't like cleaning, but I like things to be clean.  I just suck at it.

Anyways, I like to keep my room in a state of what I refer to as organized chaos and what my mother refers to as the biggest pig sty she has ever seen.  Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto.  To each their own.

But I kind of went on the fritz today and really cleaned, like actually cleaned.  It was bizarre.  And now my room is really clean.  And organized.

Guys, I organized my sock drawer.  It was crazy.  It just kind of got into my head and took over.  Bizarre times a million.

Like, you can actually see my desk.  I'm typing this sitting at my desk.  Something is wrong, honestly.  Normally I write these on my bed, sitting in a really strange but comfortable position with my feet tucked into my duvet.

Actually, that sounds really nice.

One moment.

Okay, now I'm in my bed, with my feet under my duvet, sitting in really strange but comfortable position.  It's nice and cozy.  And warm.  My house is freezing, for reasons unknown.  It's like as soon as April hits my parents turn off the thermostats.  It isn't even that nice out.  Right now it's about 35 degrees outside.  Well, actually, I lied, it's about 50 degrees, but it feels the same!  I am sensitive to cold.  Poor circulation does that.  In fact, my feet look kind of purple right now and are freezing.  So are my hands.

I actually went to the doctor's for this once.  I was getting sick of how cold my hands were.  Turns out that there is nothing that you can do about it.  Although, one doctor I saw suggested that I get these heating cuff things to keep my hands warm that looked exactly like Wonder Woman cuffs.  I really wanted to get them for that reason alone, but my mom said no.

My mother.  Killing all of my dreams about becoming a superhero.

Sometimes I feel really lonely, you know?  Take today for instance.  No one texted me today.  Like not even a hello.  Not even to see if I was still alive.  Now I know that this is easily remedied by me picking up my cell phone and texting people, but I'm a lazy person.  So don't feel any pity for me.  None.  I can sense you pitying me, and you shouldn't.  I'm just a lazy bum of a person who hasn't gotten out of their jim-jams all day.  A lazy bum who really needs to do their laundry.  It's getting ridiculous.  It's overflowing.  An avalanche of clothes is teetering, threatening to collapse and fill my room.  THE HORROR!  ONE WRONG MOVE COULD BE THE LAST MOVE I MAKE!

I'm done, I swear.

I have three days left until BEDA is over.  It's going to be weird not blogging every day.  I kind of liked the whole creating things, though trying to come up with thirty consecutive days of entertaining entertainment (who'd have thunk entertainment would be entertaining? Boggles the mind.) is hard, man.  I have lots of respect for people who do that now.  I had respect for them before but now I have loads more.  Loads and loads.

I have to go, there is a heating pad that is calling my name.  He looks like a zebra and his name is Harold.

Love and kisses,



  1. I am also extremely sensitive to cold, it seems like only the slighest drop in temperature will make my fingers fall off!

    i love your posts, really entertaining!

  2. I am always so cold. My bf and I could be in the same room and while he is sweating hot, I am shivering cold! I've got low blood pressure and the doctor said there's nothing to be done about it either

  3. Apparently I have bad circulation. Every time I mention how annoying it is I'm told I make a brilliant baker. Great.

  4. My friend has the same problem. She wears winter coats into May.

    But what sucks is that my room is literally the coldest in the house. Just the way that the vents are wired. Great.


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