Quote of the Week

Take a shower, shine your shoes/ You got no time to lose/ You are young men you must be living/ So go now you are forgiven.
-The General, Dispatch

About Me

Hi there!

I'm Jennelle - It's a pleasure to meet you.  Welcome to the insanity that is my blog.  If you decide to stick around, here are a few thing you may or may not want to know about me.

Vital Statistics

Name - Jennelle.  That is three Es, two Ns, and two Ls.  I'll answer to just about anything however.

Birthday - November 2.  If you wish to send me cake or declarations of undying love, I mean, I wouldn't say no.  Fun fact: I share a birthday with Marie Antoinette.  So, instead of letting them eat cake, you should all let me eat cake.  Sounds fair.

Height - Five foot, 1/2 inch.  If you had read this before, it said I was 5'1 1/2", which is a lie.  I am actually an inch shorter.  Do not tell anyone.  Or, you know, do.  How am I going to stop you?

Me On The Internet
Tumblr - phosphorescentadolescence.tumblr.com
Twitter - @jennellabelle
Email - jbarosin112@gmail.com (I love mail, so if you want to email me, I will undoubtedly email you back.)

I am not really unimaginative - if anything I have too much imagination.  I love writing and I am a theater geek.  My dream life involves me travelling the world and living a large life with interesting people.  If anyone would like to help fund that, I direct you to my email.  I spend most of my time either reading or doing homework or listening to musicals.  I occasionally write things that I sometimes let people read.  If you would like to read these things, let me know.  I love getting feedback.

Occasionally I look back at my life and I cringe because I was an awkward little bugger.  However, if you want to stick around and watch me continue to be awkward, I commend you.

Thanks for listening guys!