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Monday, April 30, 2012

April 29: Thoughts From Places - My Bedroom

Yeah, not really an inspired title, is it?

And I know that this post is technically being posted on April 30, but it is midnight, which I don't call Monday.  I call it Time To Do Homework Time.

This is going to be brief, as I have post lab questions to do for Chemistry.

Here are my thoughts.

I am Jewish.  That is just something that I am.  But I am more culturally Jewish than religiously Jewish.  My religious, or rather spiritual views are more based in Eastern Religions than in the Judeo-Christian realm.  I hold the basic morality system from Judeo-Christian religions as my moral compass, like 'Thou shalt not kill' or 'Thou shalt not covet your neighbor's wife' and 'THOU SHALT NOT PASS!'




Anyway, my spiritual beliefs are more rooted to Taoism and Buddhism and Hinduism than Judaism.  In my own personal set of beliefs, I think that all life forms are connected to the universal energy field, and that we can all access it.  That idea that you had that didn't seem so much to come from your brain and to come through your brain?  I believe that somewhere, someone is having that idea, but you can create it, so it comes to fruition through you.

Example: when you see something in an infomerical and their are talking about a product that you totally thought of five years ago.  I believe that your idea went through the universal energy field and came through this person into the world.

I know that this is a weird belief, but it's mine and I guess that that's all there is to it.

I believe in reincarnation of sorts, as well.  Not complete reincarnation, though.  Personally, I believe that when you die, your energy gets shattered.  Some of it returns to the universal energy field.  Some of it gets recycled and becomes something or someone new.  And some of it shatters into a million pieces and attaches itself to all of the energies of the people you love or people you have affected and becomes part of them.  That way, in some weird way, you never die.  You are remembered, and your memory can be passed on, and in some strange way, you are immortal.

I know, it's weird.  It's also 12:16, so I think I get a pass on weirdness.  I get weird late at night.

I'm weird all the time, what am I talking about?

Okay, so I hope you enjoyed my weird beliefs.  Tell me about yours; I find this stuff fascinating!

Love and kisses,



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  1. I wish I even knew my spiritual beliefs. I'm very on- off, which is why I chickened out of being confirmed.


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