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-The General, Dispatch

Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 27: Philosophical Thoughts

Hey there fooligans.  Here is a video for your eyes and ears.  I apologize if it is quiet.  It's midnight.  I failed.  Boohoo.  Anyways, I forgot to say bye to you guys, because I am forgetful and it is late/early.  Very very early.

So love and kisses,


[Edit: You have to turn the volume up a bit; it was midnight and I was talking quietly so as to not wake up my mum.  Tara!]

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  1. Huh. This was really interesting and thought provoking. I mean really. This was deep, yo.

    It is sad how some people relegate only a certain period of time in their life as being their 'best'. It's even more sad when that period of time happened so early and they live a long life. What was all the rest of it? Did it mean nothing to them?

    I roll with the same mentality as you, in that I'm trying to enjoy life today and make it count; not by thinking 'I'm going to make this particular stage in my life the best, and then once this stage ends, that's it'.

    It's good to make every moment count, but it isn't easy. And at times it isn't doable. Shit happens on a regular basis, so that kind of messes with the plans of having every moment be the best, including the present time. You've just got to roll with the punches I guess, and hope you come out the other side in a better light.

    Anyway, really great video. Also, your hushed tones, seriousness, passion for your viewpoint and the thoughtfulness of your viewpoint made it legitmitely seem like a scene out of a really good movie. It was awesome.


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