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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

I know that most of you are Pals of Potter, and are rabid avid members of the DA, so when I found these, I felt I needed to share them with you.  No special occasion, just the mutual love of Potter.

If you don't like Harry Potter, GET THE FUCK OUT.  Not really, I love you, but, you might not get it.  And that wouldn't be any fun.


Harry Potter Pick Up Lines: Guaranteed To Work Better Than Amortentia!

You must be a Triwizard Champion because my goblet is on fire!

I'd like to get my basilisk into your Chamber of Secrets!

Have you heard of Platform 9 3/4?  Well, I can think of something else with the same exact measurements!

I've been whomping my willow thinking about you!

Did you just use Petrificus Totalus?  Because you just made me stiff!

I may not be an animagus, but I can sure be an animal!

My name may not be Luna, but I sure do know how to love good!

You don't need Lumos Maxima to turn me on!

If I was to look into the Mirror of Erised, I would see you, naked!

Do you play quidditch?  How about taking a ride on my broomstick?

The thought of you makes something vast and silvery come out of my wand...

Why don't I make like Salazar and Slytherin side of you?  (Say it.  It makes sense aloud.)

You don't need Engorgio to enlarge this!

Call me your house elf and I'll do whatever you want without any clothes...

A couple of nights with me and Moaning Myrtle will have to get a new nickname!

Wingardium Leviosa isn't the reason why I'm rising!

You're like a bottle of Skele-Gro, growing me a bone!

And my personal favorite...

I don't know a thing about Merlin's Pants, but I'd love to get into yours!


So there you have it.  I guarantee that these will always, sometimes, occasionally, on alternate Thursdays, you won't get a restraining order, I promise work.


Parting joke:

Your face.

Oh yes, it is joke enough.

Just kidding!

Love and kisses,



  1. okay, yknow what i hate? when i get pageviews but no comments. and it makes me feel like my posts werent nice and people didnt like them because they got no comments. but its usually because people cant figure out anything good to say and saying 'haha' or 'nice post' seems lame so they dont comment at all.

    so now i post like or a smiley face or something whenever i like a post so like people know that i read it through and i didnt hate it.

    yeah, and those were funny. furrealz.

  2. I adore these. Every single one.

  3. If someone tried one of these on me, I'd be simultaneously freaked out and in love...:P

  4. Hey yo.
    Thanks for the swing by my blog, always nice to see(read, anyway) a new peep.

    I did indeed check out those songs you mentioned, and was especially partial to the Avett Brothers and 'The Ballad of Love and Hate' - that really is a great, great song.

    'November' I also really liked. It took a while to get started for me the first time, but when it did reach its crescendo, I was hooked. And then when I listened to is subsequently after that, I appreciated how it built up to that part.

    Anyway, nice HP pick up lines, I reckon I'll use that 'Engorgio' one ;).


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