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-The General, Dispatch

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Climbed This Whole Mountain

And look where it got me.  Absolutely nowhere.

Hello all.  And hello to my new followers!  All of you are brilliant, and thank you.  Though, I doubt that people regularly read this, considering the fact that there are 75 of you, and I only average about 5 views on a post.  No matter.  I love you regardless.  It is unconditional love, like the love a parent has for their child, or the love that I have for pizza, or Nutella, or you!

Anyway, as this year rounds out, I figured I would make another post before my obligatory post about the new year.

I really have no idea where I'm taking this, but I feel like after the heavy post I did a few days ago, which is here, I needed to lighten things up with some rambling.  My URL, after all, is ramblingzombies.blogspot.com, and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't hearken back to my roots every once in a while.  I mean, in the beginning, I really had no idea where I wanted this blog to go, and to be honest, if I had any artistic integrity, I would delete half of the posts I've made in the past.  Because, damn, was I annoying, mother of pearl.  But, I feel for the Jennelle that wrote those.  She was developing an online persona, and to be frank, it needed a little molding.  She and I are one, obviously.  It's not like I have 15 year old Jennelle cloned and tucked away in my closet.  Because that would be creepy. *cough*

Well, getting back on topic, it's funny to look back on my old posts.  I was so little.  So naive.  Not saying that I'm not naive now, because I still am, but I'm older.  I've had more life experience.  More time on the planet.  It's like looking in on a little sibling, watching them grow up.  It's like I didn't know what to write about.  I think I wanted to be an informative blog, but that died pretty quickly.  Then I went through a very vulgar phase.  And then I found a happy medium and I guess that brings us up to now.  It is interesting to reread what I was thinking in the past.  Sometimes I cringe, but other times I find small strokes of brilliance, and that is always reassuring.

It's been nearly two years since I've started this blog, which is ridiculous to think about.  I've kept with something for two whole years without giving up.  Sure, I've taken breaks, and been AWOL, but I've always come back.  I think it is because this is a place where I can write about what I think and have people give me their opinions.  And opinions are a great thing to have, especially when they come from someone else.

What is also great about having a blog is meeting friends.  You are all my bloggy-type mates, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!  I've made some really good friends through blogging, like Peter, who is seriously up there in my list of friends (speaking of Peter, I owe him a letter.  How about you drop by his blog and distract him while I write it?).  I never would have met him if it wasn't for the Internet.  And I wouldn't have met Allyson, Yana, Lex, or Izzy, either, and I love all of them to bits.  The5LightningScars, anyone?  We still exist, if only in your hearts.  Or maybe in real life if we could all find some time.  Or Gabi, who is my NaNoWriMo buddy.  Or Ash, who always writes thoughtful comments on my blogs.  Or Christopher, who writes amazing poetry and makes me laugh.  I may not say it a lot, but you guys make this worth it, because I know that you guys have made me a better person simply because you exist.  And that is a wonderful thing.

I was talking with Peter yesterday, and we had a natural lull in conversation, but if you are using facebook chat or some other form of textual communication, natural lulls seem anything but.  Human beings like to fill the silence.  But then I said something that I am honestly proud of, because it describes perfectly how I feel about friendship, and the friends I have made online.

"That's the thing about being friends.  It's alright if we talk about a whole lot of nothing, because all of that nothing still means a whole lot." -Jennelle Barosin.

Hell yeah, check out that original quote.

In all honesty though, thank you, all of you, for putting up with my whole lot of nothing for nearly two years.  It's meant more to me than you can imagine.

Wow, I meant to make this light and funny, and it turned into something heavy and deep!  WHAT AM I DOING WHO AM I WHAT IS THIS -

Alright, I'm done.

Here is a picture of a baby buffalo to lighten the mood.  Look at that major cutie!  He's even jumping!

If I don't make a post before New Year's, have a happy one you guys.

Love and kisses and best wishes,





  2. You're welcome :) What are friends for?

    1. Flattering each other? :P

      (BTW turns out I'm gonna be AWOL when your letter gets here. If it gets here before the deadline. If it doesn't...well. Mwa ha haaaaa.)

  3. I had an old blog a few years ago, and looking back on old posts was like looking at an old diary. Horrible and cringe-inducing. Old journals are the worst.

  4. Shucks. Shucks indeed.

    You leave pretty gewd comments on my blog as well, so it's only natural that I try and follow suit.

    Your blog is cool, yo, and one of the ones that I can confirm that I do read with regularity (shhh, keep that to yourself). As long as it's here, I'll keep coming around. Like a boomerang with mad built-in GPS skills.

    Ash OUT.


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