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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Projects Are Afoot!

Hey there groovy people of the Internet!
I need your help!
Alright, so I'm writing a play for my school's drama fest, which is basically competitive drama/acting, and I need some ideas.  My basic idea was something along the lines of the Breakfast Club, with a detention-like scenario, but I need some help coming up with ideas for what to do with that.
If you could help me, that'd be SCHWEET!
Or, if you have a better idea that I could steal, I'd love that as well.  Something funny/edgy.
I love writing plays.
Okay, this has been an update.
Love and kisses,


  1. I had an idea for people stuck over the summer re-cataloguing a small town's newspaper archives or library or obituaries if you want to be morbid.
    As a community service punishment or just a shitty summer job.

    Feel free to use it or adapt it if it sounds like an interesting premise.

  2. Wanted to wish you shanah tovah and a happy Jew year.
    Enjoy the food!

  3. So there's three people in a mine shaft, but one of them is actually a pregnant whale, but you don't know it's pregnant till the end. And also they're being hunted by pirate-cowboy-ninjas.

    Or you could do ten minutes of silence.

    I like the idea of a guy whose job is to act like the long lost relatives (like a son) of old dying people whose real children don't want to or can't see them, if you want to be depressing (sorry, I just watched magnolia, so dying people are on my mind.)


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