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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Came Up With A Play Idea! Be Proud of Me!

Here is a synopsis - the more I write it out, the more it makes sense.  Does that make sense?  Cool.


So this kid is in a hospital waiting room, and you, as the audience member, don't know why he's there.  It's a generic waiting room, not a specialized one, like one in the very front lobby.  As he's sitting there, he interacts with the people who walk by, trying to get them to stop and talk to him.  He introduces himself differently each time, but at the end he always says "You look kind of familiar.  I'm Liam, by the way, not -whatever he said his name was- Stop back soon!"
Something is clearly off about him, as he engages these people in topics ranging from the human condition to where socks go when the dryer eats them.  But you just kind of like him because he seems lonely, and you want someone to spend time with him, to sit down for more than five minutes, to actually talk to him.
And then at the end of the play, there is a black out and we find Liam lying in a bed surrounded by the people he was trying to talk to.  It turns out he was in a car accident and he has brain damage, and the people he keeps trying to talk to are his friends in real life, but his brain is having trouble connecting.  But they keep coming with the hope that the routine will bring him back, because they miss him.

So what do you think?

Crazy?  Not?  Does it need to be augmented?  Help is much appreciated and sought after!



  1. Personally, I think this play idea is genius. Seriously. I feel the need to go and see a play like this. Great idea.

  2. That's actually quite brilliant. Seriously.


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