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-The General, Dispatch

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So... Hi There... I'm Back... Again...

I was in Israel.
I've already used that.
I was fighting robots in Vietnam.
No, that is a complete and utter lie.
I was doing my AP US History work and it is really
Not a complete lie, but come on, just tell the truth.


Hi guys.  It's been a while, hasn't it?
The truth is I have no good reason for why I haven't been blogging.  To be honest, I just haven't been feeling all that inspired.  But, with school starting soon, and a schedule forming, I think I'll get back on track with blogs appearing more frequently.
I do miss writing.  I did a bit of it over the summer, not as much as I should have.  I read way more than I wrote.  But, like I said, with school rapidly approaching, I'll definitely be writing more.
I do apologize for disappearing.  I just didn't want to write something that wasn't good.
Maybe I'll show you guys some of my journals from my trip eventually.  That would be cool, no?
So what have you guys been up to?  I literally haven't been doing anything, as stated before.  I've been doing AP work.  I've been on Tumblr (I'm addicted.  It's unhealthy.).  I've been doing yoga.  Generally, I've just been very lazy.  Hooray for summer.  But I have seven days left.  I have to finish my AP work lickety split, and I do have quite a bit left, which is my own fault.
Other than that, I'm pretty stoked for Junior year.  It's the hardest year, but I have a plan to make sure that I get through it in one semi-coherent piece.  I'm going to rock it.  Or I think I will.  Here's hoping right?
Oh, and Doctor Who comes back on Saturday!  I'm so excited!
I know that this is a sucky blog, but we all have to get back into the scene somehow.  It's like a bicycle.  You have to fall a few times before you remember how to ride.

Love and kisses,


  1. Yo. Wuzzgoinon.

    I haven't blogged in months either. And it's for the same reasons as you, really. No inspiration, don't want to write sub-par drivel, etc etc. I miss it as well, and hopefully I'll get back into it sooner rather than later.

    And don't you dare lie about figthing robots in Vietnam... I was sure to wipe out the last remaining cyborg in my ill-fated venture there.

    Also, what's AP? Forgive me, for I am Australia and have no idea what it is. Is it a hallucanogenic substance? Gimmesome.


    This isn't a sucky blog. I love it!! It's my entire life..................

    And I don't watch Dr. Who but I'm going to Dragon Con WAHOOOOOOO!!


  3. HI JEN.
    How was your summer?
    I was just thinking about your lovely blog.


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