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-The General, Dispatch

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18: In Which I Realize Many Things

Realization 1: My blogger view counter is exactly 1 day behind the rest of the world.  I have no explanation for this madness.

Realization 2: I need to lose weight.  I have winter weight because, um, it was winter, and I eat lots of bread during the winter.  But I unpacked all of my summer clothes, and my bathing suits stared at me with eyes like 'Are you kidding me?  Get yourself together woman!' and I started crying because my clothes can be so godawful mean.

Realization 3: I have really weird friends.  I texted one of them asking if they were around tomorrow and my friend replied by saying 'Can't talk playing manhunt'.

Realization 4: I have too many clothes.  But I already knew that.  My room was covered.  It isn't now though. My clothes are are nicely put away.  Give me one day and everything will be thrown about again.  It's my nature.  I thrive in chaos.

Realization 5: I'm going to suck at being awake the next few weeks.  I took my new medicine last night, and it conked me out from midnight to noon.  I didn't wake up once.  Not even for my alarm.  Which I still have set even though I'm on break.  Yeah, I'm weird.  Shut up.

Realization 6: Game of Thrones is a great show and an even better book.  I recommend both thoroughly.

Realization 7: I know every single word to ALL THE DISNEY SONGS!!!

Realization 8: My blog has been viewed 9008 times.  You guys...

Realization 9: I have no more realizations.

So yeah, that about sums up my day.

Love and kisses,


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  1. Clothes can be SO CRUEL. My bikinis laugh at me often. They suck though. Just ignore their bitchy comments.


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