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-The General, Dispatch

Sunday, December 4, 2011

In Which Jennelle Again Apologizes, and Says Something Vaguely Important

It's been 11 days hasn't it?
Life caught up again.  I have so much going on/I haven't really been inspired to write anything as of late.  When life gets less busy/When I actually feel inspired, I'll let y'all be the first to know.  Okay? Okay.
So, I'm going to disappear for a bit, and not feel as guilty as I was going to.  I was just going to disappear without saying anything, taking the dog and leaving a note that said "I took the watermelon" and would have skedaddled, leaving you guys pondering.
But I'm better than that. I like to say goodbye, for however long this goodbye is going to be.  I'll still be checking up on Blogger at infrequent intervals, so I'll comment on you guy's blogs then, but for now, I'm just too busy with stuff to even think about stuff.
I'm so busy I couldn't even think up a different word to describe the two vastly different concepts I was trying to convey.  Jesus Christ!  (Sorry, if I offend.  It's a habit.  A bad one, but what ever)
What is my life?
Okay, so I'm going to take off.  I'm taking the dog, and the watermelon.
But hey, at least you aren't pondering.
I'll be back soon.

Love and kisses,
Your favorite nutter,


  1. In truth, I don't like watermelon. But the point still reaches me.

  2. Bye!
    Don't leave us hanging for months, or I will have to guilt trip you.
    Have fun/good luck doing whatever you are doing!

  3. Godspeed! Don't forget to bring a book.

  4. Also, I'm back after 20 days. And looking at all the comments on this post, I agree with Gabi. You better not be gone forever.

    I will find you, L.

  5. Ohhhhh, I as wondering where you were. Devs, mayn.

    Hope your absence isn't for too long. Anyways, hope you had a good Christmas and New Years.

    Also, congrats as well on the book. I'm pretty sure we're awesome.


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