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-The General, Dispatch

Thursday, October 20, 2011


You know how I wrote that thing about glee give a note?

And how if you clicked the link I would give you a place in my government when I take over the world?  Something like that?

Yeah, that still applies.



But in addition to helping my school win some cashola for music, and you all know how important music is, I'm giving you lovelypoos another link to click.  And you will hear the sound of my voice for possibly the first time.  Grab onto your socks, pants, hats, anything that could be blown off, because I am about to BLOW YOUR MIND.

Click this and follow the sound of my voice.

I appear at I think around the 1 minute mark.  Be forewarned - I was not told that I would be used for filming that day, so I'm wearing no makeup and my acorn hat.  You will see why I call it an acorn hat if you click the link.  You will also see that I'm really bad at improvising. 

But I thought you might enjoy this.  My school is quite hilarious.  I'm proud to be part of the band! Even if we are clumsy.   You will get it if you click the link!  Promise!

That's right.

I'm in the band!

Love and kisses,


P.S. That thing about the squirrel?  Not a lie.  If you click the link, you will know what I'm talking about!

P.P.S.  The pads bit made my think of sanitary pads.  It was awkward, because it is funny, and if you think of that, it makes it funnier.  CLICKTHELINKIFYOUWANTTOKNOWWHATIMTALKINGABOUT!!!!

P.P.S.  I really want you to click the link, can you tell?  Because 1.  I want you to like my school and vote for us for the glee thing, and 2. I want you to see that I'm an awkward awkwarder who likes to awkward and that I'm wearing a hat.  And that I exist.  So, click the links, yeah?


  1. I clicked the link.
    I feel... like I've contributed to something that will take the world by storm. Remember me, when you gain the throne.

  2. Wow. Hotness. Not like I'm a creep or anything. But yeah. Seriously, though, you kinda remind me of Natalie Portman. And that's not another creepy thing. Your mannerisms and voice and eyes really do remind me of her.

    Anyway. Your school really is pretty funny. Whenever my school tries to be funny on our little television station or during assemblies, I want to stick my head in a boiling hot vat of dark chocolate. Not that I wouldn't want to do that anyway.

    You know what's cool? Cats.

  3. Also, what does the rest of the t-shirt say?

  4. Ah. I think I've seen that shirt before. It might have been one of those little t-shirts for dogs, and they put it on a poodle. I think if it's a poodle, though, it should say "snack-sized" because poodles look like you could you pop them in your mouth and they'd taste like vanilla ice cream.

    By the way you can still ask a question if you wants. I'll make an exception for you because of that one time when you bailed me out of jail. What? That wasn't you? Ah well you can ask me a question anyway.


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