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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Is Bad, Fooligans, Really Bad...

So I'm in Driver's Ed all week, yeah? And I don't know a soul, yeah?

Do you know how trying that is for me?

Case in point: After my mum had picked me up, we were driving around doing errands and I was literally making noises without knowing I was making them. My mother threatened to stow me in the trunk if I didn't shut it. Her words, not mine.

I never really realized the extent of my weirdness until I have to bottle it up for eight hours a day. Even when I was working I didn't have to do that. Actually, the kids found it hilarious when I didn't, since I am supremely madsicles and often go into spasms of weird at odd times.

But none of the people I'm in Hell Week with know me. And I'd rather not make a terrible impression as "That-one-chick-I-had-in-class-with-me-who-giggled-to-herself-the-whole-time-I-think-she-needs-to-be-put-in-a-home". This happens to me more times than I can count, and for the love of Holy Pete, it gets old. For once, I want to be "That-normal-completely-utterly-normal-moderately-attractive-chick-I-had-in-Driver's-Ed". But no. I get to be the utterly mad one. Fantastic. Brilliant. Gorgeous.

Well, I have to go clean my room, since I'm leaving on Saturday!

Where! you all cry. Where are you going, L.? Why are you leaving your flock? We need you, we need you.

Where am I going?

Here's a hint: I live in Massachusetts, and I've never been there, which most people consider a travesty.

Get out your Dora maps, fooligans, we're going on an adventure!

(We're going on a new adventure and we don't know what's in store, we're headed to the closet and we're headed out the door! (If you can tell me what that's from I will love you forever, as your love slave. For reals. No cheating! Not that I can catch you! Play moderately fair, alright?))

Happy hunting!

Parting joke:

When does Friday come before Thursday?

I'll let you think for a bit....


..................Got it yet?





In the Dictionary!


Love and kisses,


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