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Take a shower, shine your shoes/ You got no time to lose/ You are young men you must be living/ So go now you are forgiven.
-The General, Dispatch

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It Is Hotter Than Satan's Butt Right Now!

And as it is such, I am too tired to finish the post I was working on.

I have work all this week and next week, so the blogging might be sparse. After, however, I'll be back.

Enjoy this picture of Matthew Lewis (AKA NEVILLE FREAKING LONGBOTTOM!!!

So um yeah. Not a great picture, but he looks like he has a pocket watch and holy JESUS NEVILLE GOT HOT!!!!

Seriously, new celebrity crush right here. Look at that delicious crooked smile. I want to eat him. So yeah.

Talk to ya later, ya fooligans!


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  1. What does the message mean in your comment box. I think you've told me before, but I've forgotten. Is it Hebrew? Or Yiddish? Something like that?

    I agree. He is pretty delicious, after all.


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