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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Did A Survey.

1) Please state your name for the record?
Hmm, weighing the pros and cons. My name being Googled vs. My name not being Googled. Not that anything interesting comes up when my name is Googled. All that comes up is that fact that I've been on the honor roll. Like that is so hard in my bass ackwards town that is literally East Jesus's Kneecaps Nowhere.
I just don't care anymore.
Hey there, I'm Jennelle Marie Barosin.
Feel free to Google away.
It's not like anything interesting comes up anyway. *Sigh*

2) If you were a penguin, on the other hand, what do you think your name would be? Hypothetically speaking, of course.
On the other hand, you have different fingers. That being said, my penguin name would be Nej. It's Jen backwards. There's a story behind that, but I don't feel like explaining. I like a little bit of mystique, considering how often I bare my soul on this blog.

3) Would you consider your ears to be smaller than average, average, larger than average, or freakishly large?
I am in the freakishly large ear contingent. I have elephant ears. And it doesn't help that I have a pixie cut, which accentuates my giant ears. But I like my ears. They look like half-hearts.

4) Are you more of a Beatles fan or an Elvis fan?
I am more of a Beatles fan, but I do like Elvis. Just not as much. Fun fact about L. - when I was a little fooligan, my Dad introduced me to the Beatles albums in chronological order. And to this day, I can still sing most of the songs. Rocky Raccoon is one of my favorites.

5) Have you ever killed anyone? If so, did you do it with your bare hands?
I'm happy to say that I have not killed anyone before. But who's to say I'm not lying? o.O Don't go to sleep tonight, kiddywinks! *insert maniacal laughter here*

6) If you could use any fruit to describe the size and shape of your head, what fruit would you use?
Tough questions, man. A starfruit. For real.

7) Is there any famous person you'd go gay for? Please state their name.
Purely academic purposes? My cloven foot! But this is a tough question. Probably Emma Watson. She's my girl crush.

8) If you had the choice, would you rather go to space, meet Paul McCartney, scuba dive in the Pacific Ocean, or sleep with Carmen Electra?
Well, since I'm not a lesbian, and I am a huge nerd, I'd have to say go to space. Because then I could pretend that I was in the TARDIS and that the Doctor was going to come spirit me away. I'm that kind of nerd, you guys, I'm that kind of nerd.

9) How long have you had your blog? What made you start one?
Well, now this is a question. I had a blog before this one. I got about 6 months in, and I just got bored. One of the reasons was that I couldn't express myself fully without the fear of offending because my parents read it. Which was awkward. I had to keep it G. No swearing.
Sorry, I was just expressing myself fully there.
My parents don't read this blog. They know that I have one, but they respect my privacy (or I think they do). I told them that I locked the privacy settings so it was just like a journal. What a lame ass excuse.
I've had this blog since about April (?). I started it in March to cure some writer's block, but I was blogging in the exact same fashion as before and that just wasn't working. So in April I kind of revamped it and let all of the snark just flow. And that's how [I Am Unimaginative] was born. Super interesting history, am I right?

10) What is your weirdest phobia?
Oh my god, you asked the right kid! Didn't I almost do a whole post about weird phobias? Was this question written for me? Answers to both questions-HELL TO THE YES.
Weirdest phobia of mine...hrmmmm...
I suffer from Gephydrophobia, which is the fear of crossing bridges. I always envision a Final Destination-esque scene unfolding whenever I cross them in cars.
Also, I suffer from a particularly severe case of Walloonphobia. (The Walloons are becoming somewhat of an injoke to me now. If you remember the Walloons, you have my ultimate respect!)

11) Do you believe in God?
I could make this easy and just say 'Yes', but I can't do that. I don't believe in a divine "being" called "God". What I believe in is a higher power, something bigger than just us. If I really want to get technical in it, I believe in an idea that is called this Universal Energy Field, which says, in layman's terms, that we are all connected to everything and everything is connected to us. It explains why sometime people say they didn't come up with ideas, they say that the ideas flow through them. They are just the conduit. I believe that within this energy field, there is something of a higher consciousness, and while it cannot intervene in our daily lives, it is always there. I identify with what I believe in as being agnostic, since I don't technically believe in "God", but I in no way do not believe that there isn't something out there. I can't believe that there is nothing bigger than just us. It is a physical impossibility.

12) If you could start a collab. blog with any four bloggers, which ones would you do it with?
This is a tough one. I really like Christopher's writing style, and I also love Eeshie. I would love to work with Mischief Managed, whose blog I haven't been able to comment on because Blogger is a silly banana. I also love ...Almost Out Of Ink, since her drawings are Triptasically Wonderful!
So those are my four. I feel bad only being able to chose four. I feel jipped.

13) If you were trapped on a desert island with the same four bloggers mentioned in the previous question, which one would you eat first? With which one would you procreate?
I don't know who I'd eat first. I don't think I could eat a human. Although I would eat a human before I ate a hot dog. At least I know what's in a human. And I guess for the procreation problem, it would have to be Christopher, because unless one of the other miraculously develops the ability to rapidly change gender, no procreation would be going down on this island. And it is a party island, with chips and salsa, and apparently some human burgers. Yum.

14) What is your favorite 80s movie?
Do I have to choose??? WHYYYYY??? If I had to choose (and I don't want to!!!) it would probably be The Breakfast Club. Bender is my LOVE!!! Or ET, because that movie changed my life. For realz, ladies and germs.

15) What kind of music do you listen to?
Anything but country. Honest to goodness, anything but country. Right now I'm obsessed with this band Rubblebucket. They're like a hippie indie band who really like whistling. Also, I love the song Tonight Tonight, by Hot Chelle Rae. I've literally been listening to it on repeat for three days. Oh, and I just got into Streetlight Manifesto, and I've been listening to their stuff a lot too. I love music, all music. Except country. I fucking hate country.

16) Imagine that you open your bedroom closet one day and suddenly a portal opens up. You can't see what is at the end of the portal, but there is a totoro inside it motioning you to follow him. Would you go inside, even if meant you'll never come back?
Make Totoro a 6 foot tall Rabbit named Frank and hell no. What do you know about portals? Cellar door. Or is the Totoro GLaDOS? THE CAKE IS A LIE!
All things considered, I probably would. Who knows what would happen? No one, and that is the fun part.

17) If you're a woman, do you find facial hair on men attractive? If you're a man, do you find facial hair on women attractive?
It depends on the facial hair and it depends on the guy. I usually like guys clean shaven, but some people just look really good with facial hair.

18) Do you like babies?
To eat? I kid. I love babies, and little kids. Everything they say is freaking hilarious!

19) What's the most violent thing you've ever done to an inanimate object?
I'm not normally a violent person, but one time I chucked the contents of my maths binder into a fire. It was after school was over, and I felt like going pyro.

20) What's the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to you?
Let's think, shall we? I think I can answer this with a link. Click here. I think you will find all you need.

21) Do you think the world will end in 2012?
I'm going to say no. I just don't see how that works. There is nothing in the world that would make sense to the impending end of the world. So, there we go. Fate, prove me wrong! If you dare...

22) Did you enjoy this survey? Be honest, now.
It was about as much fun as tearing off my own nictitating membrane or herding a flock of rabid bearwolves. Seriously, it wasn't that bad. It was just a survey, I suppose.

23) I already am following the Nerd Archives. Aren't I a silly banana?

Neato finito, I'm done! Well, I had a really long day at work, so I'm going to go eat some chocolate and then go to sleep.

Love and kisses,


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  1. What do you mean it's just a survey?! I wrote this survey!!! Ouch. That stung. It stung my heart, L, it stung my heart.

    But seriously, your answers to these (evidently unamusing) questions were some of the best yet. I really got to know you through this post. Somehow. Which is weird, because the questions were such rubbish.

    You should suggest music more often, because I love the bands you mentioned. Seriously awesome. Both of them were totally weird. Which I love.

    I love how you explained the question about God. I feel all philosophical and stuff. I should definitely read it again when I'm sober, because I think you just gained your first follower of Jennellism. My religious beliefs are such a mess right now that I've just decided to put it all to the side. That sounds terrible, but I have. Like picking up a big mound of expired spaghetti in your hand and just hauling it across the room. It's very satisfying.

    I envy your embarrassing stories, though, because none of them are embarrassing. My whole life is an embarrassment.

    Yeah, I loved all your answers. I'm kind of offended that you didn't like my survey, but that's sort of/half compensated by the fact that you chose me to make babies with. Well, you didn't have a choice. But still. I wouldn't want you to eat me either.


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