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-The General, Dispatch

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Day Was Going Bad, But A TV Commercial And Another Blog Post Made It 70 Trillion Times Better

I had a really bad day.

A really, really bad day.

My kids were little incarnations of the devil, one of them hit another one with a stick, and to top it all off, I had insomnia last night. And it is driving me MAD.

But, Christopher made my day. Honestly, it made me smile for about the first time all day. That, and watching one of my kids dance. She is a freaking LADY OF THE DANCE! I'd show you the video, but that would be child exploitation. Which is illegal. Oops.

Anyway, That Blond Guy put my blog, my humble little casa of crazy, my blog of bewilderment, my sound-off space of utter insanity on his list of favorite blogs. (Note: Find my blog's name in the sidebar! I swear to BLOG it's there!)

Do you know how much that means to me???? A whole freaking lot, is the answer to that question! Especially since I had such a crappy day today. That was just like a little present of awesome at my doorstep.

You know what else was a little present of awesome?

(Note: I was going to embed a video, but I epically fail at computers, so y'all have to make due with pictures, because that is about all I can handle.)

Okay, so it's grainy, and yes, he looks a bit like a rabbit, but that, ladies and germs, is David Fricking Tennant wearing guy liner. GUY LINER, PEOPLE! Guy liner!

I am so sneaking into Fright Night when it comes out. For real. It's R, but that is just going to happen.

I understand most of you aren't huge Tennant fans, like myself, because I kind of am one-of-a-kind madsicles. But, come on. The Doctor is wearing guy liner.

Today just got a little bit better.

I'm going to go eat chocolate, because chocolate always makes me feel better. Plus, I have like a metric shit ton of Hershey bars since my house has become party central and we make smores every time I have friends over.

I need to eat all of them! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!!

Parting joke:

What do you get when you cross the Terminator with a classical composer?

"I'll be Bach."





  1. I kind of love the part about David Tennant.

  2. Guy liner <3
    And I am following you now, due to your awesomeness :D

  3. As much as I like Matt Smith, David Tennant will always be my Doctor :)


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