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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It Is Continued...? (Only On Alternate Tuesdays, Though)

Yes it is. I am obsessed with a few things at the moment, actually. Firstly, however:

Gabi: It is your face. How did you know?

Eeshie: Eat some brownies, it will all be over soon :)

PeaceLoveAndSharpies: I CAN'T WAIT EITHER!!!! I'm SOOO excited!!!!! I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!! Dear Maria was the first song I heard and after that I was hooked!

Anywho, I bet you are all on the edges of your seats, biting your fingernails and crying with anticipation, so here goes it.

Obsession #1: The phrase 'Shit just got real'. This may seem inconsequential, but it really isn't. I almost got in trouble for saying it right next to my principal. Thank God he is so oblivious he didn't even hear me. So, trouble averted, right? Wrong. I accidentally said it to my English teacher, but that didn't get me ground into a fine white powder. My English teacher is the man and he just laughed. So now that I've bored you to tears...

Obsession #2: These mango-cream popsicles minus the sticks from Trader Joe's. Holy Jesus are they delicious. They have cream and mango and no messy stick in the way and are all around deliciously delicious things.

Obsession #3: LIFEGOESON by Noah and the Whale. Listen to it, and I dare you not to sing along and get it stuck in your head for days on end. I DARE YOU!!! I DARE ALL OF YOU!!!!

Obsession #4: The weather where I live right now. It's freaky-deaky wackadoo up here in New England, folks. We had a tornado warning today (technically yesterday because I am lazy and didn't finish this when the tornado occurred. And it did occur. And it killed four people). A tornado warning. And there actually WAS a tornado. It touched down in a town very far from where I live, and it was very exciting for my little bro, who wants to be a storm chaser. When he heard that there was a tornado warning, he got so excited he almost peed himself. I'm not joking.

Obsession #5: This website. Get ready to get a hell of a lot better at insulting people, you infectious, unchin-snouted codpiece! (Brownies to whoever can tell me what an unchin is? Is it when people have really weak chins that shouldn't be considered chins, more like a neck tumor that never quite metastasized? Tell me if I'm right! And I will make you a brownie! For realz, yo.)

Obsession #6: The Yiddish language. I'm teaching myself Yiddish as just a shits and giggles kind of thing, but with deeper psychological reasons that I will have you all wondering about. I just love this language. It's literally six languages in one. It's got a little bit of everything. And I can guarantee that every single one of you uses Yiddish words every day. Examples: klutz - Yiddish; bagel - Yiddish; beatnik - partially Yiddish; schlep - Yiddish; schmuck - so Yiddish it hurts. See where I'm going? Besides, now I can call people mamzer, miskayt, arumloyfer, khazer, dumkopf, eyzel, and Ekeldikerparshoyn. Those are just some of my favorites. Mamzer means bastard. Teheheheeeee.

Obsession #7: This cocoa butter oil that I just bought. It smells really good, sort of like vanilla, and I use it in lieu of lotion. It makes me feel supermegafoxyawesomehot. And it smells like vanilla!

Obsession #8: Divergent, by Veronica Roth. I just finished reading it today, and honestly I'm stoked for her to write a sequel. It is a dystopian future novel and it's really good.

Obsession #9: Bo Burnham. I know, I know, y'all already know that I love Bo Burnham. But I found this one video of him. It's amazing... watch it. I laughed so hard. Honestly, he is one of the best comedians of my generation (even if he is about five years older than me, he is still in my generation. I can proudly say I was born before the iPod. And HD. And DVDs. Holy shit, I feel old.) and his career is so promising. He really reminds me of Demetri Martin. They both use a kind of humor called paraprosdokians. Here is a link to the wiki page, I don't feel like going into obsessive detail. (Haha, obsessive. This is ironic, because this whole post is about my current obsessions. Teheee) Basically, a paraprosdokian is the kind of sentence where you think it is going one way, but then at the end, something is said that changes the whole meaning of the sentence. Example - "I believe in the Zodiac. I'm a Leo; I love Titanic. There's something a little bit morbidly ironic, see my grandmother was a cancer, and she was actually killed by a giant crab." Weren't expecting that, were you? That's a paraprosdokian. But seriously, look up Demetri Martin. He's quietly hilarious. Seriously.

Obsession #10: I thought I'd end on an even number, due to my fear of odd numbers, which is known as Fear of Odd Numbers, which isn't cool or anything, but it does bring me to my final obsession. The names of fears. Example - Long Words; hippomonstrososesquipedaliaphobia. Palindromes; aibohphobia. Beards; pogonophobia. Peanut Butter Sticking To The Roof Of Your Mouth; arachibutyrophobia. Garlic; alliumphobia. Dancing; chorophobia. Walloons; walloonphobia. Just one question - What is a walloon?

So yeah, there are my obsession as of late. I hope that it was as disappointing as it should have been. I wish that I had cool obsessions but I don't. I get obsessed with mango popsicles and the names of fears. I don't know what an unchin or a walloon is. But I am still obsessed with them. What are you all obsessed with? Tell me! I vant to know!!!!

Parting joke:

"This summer I was at a pool party and I learned that there is a very small but very important difference between peeing in the pool, and peeing into the pool. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION."

-Demetri Martin.

I have to go, but I love you all. Big sopping kisses to everyone!

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    That website makes me happy.
    Bo Burnham is a beautiful, hilarious person.
    I did a speech on phobias once for English class.


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