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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Supermegafoxyawesomehot Lack of Sleep

So here is a stream of consciousness ramble.
Haha, ramble. I really like that word. It makes me think of my History class. We were just covering the American Revolution and my teacher is a poli sci major and he made us do this whole thing on the Preamble. Which sounds like pre-ramble, which is kind of what the Declaration of Independence is.
That's a lie. That is like the document our government was founded on, yeah? That's like our foundation of life. That's deep.
Now the American Revolution makes me think about how history is written by the winners. The Intolerable Acts had a different name when they were passed in the colonies, but since the colonists won, the name got changed to intolerable because we won.
Now that brings me to A Very Potter Sequel, which I've been listening to nonstop for a few days. The opening number has the line 'Our history is nothing more than what the losers settle for' which I think is strangely relevant to life, yeah? I mean, it's true. If the losers stuck up for themselves, they don't have to win but they can leave their mark on history. Unless they pull an Atlantis and just disappear completely. Or a Roanoke. Pick and choose.
Now Roanoke makes me think of aliens. Brief history lesson: for those of you who aren't creepy and find this stuff intensely cool, Roanoke was the settlement in North America prior to Jamestown. It was on an island off of North Carolina, and legend has it that the leaders of the settlement went back to England to get supplies and when they came back, every single person living in the colony was gone. No sign of struggle, everything, every person, just gone. And some people say that it was aliens.
Aliens make me think of two things that I love. Starship, the new play by Starkid, and Doctor Who, which is the best show ever. Hands down. Besides Buffy, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, and Bitchin' Kitchen. Yes, I watch cooking shows. Especially when I have insomnia.
Like right now.
I haven't slept well in probably three weeks, and this sucks because my black belt test is in about nine days. I am not prepared. But I will not fail. I work best under pressure.
Which makes me think of Queen because I love that song. And now I'm thinking of David Bowie, who, despite being old, I have a HUGANDO crush on. Watching him in Labyrinth = loss of innocence. Those pants he wore are so tight you could tell his religion.
That brings me back to A Very Potter Sequel, because the guy who plays Lucius Malfoy is throwing off some serious Jareth vibes. Also, his legs go on until the end of forever, the guy who plays Lucius. Like Holy Mother of Fucking Pearl.
Speaking of that, that phrase, that one ^ right there, that is one of my catch phrases. I say Holy Mother of Pearl more than I should. This also applies to 'Fuckin A' when I have a headache. 'Honest to Blog/Pete' whoever Pete is. And I say 'yeah?' like an English person apparently. My friend has an English boyfriend and I supposedly have the same speech patterns as this child. Strange world, yeah?
Anyway, that was my stream of consciousness. I hope you enjoyed that small glimpse into my brain. It's dark in there, and there are more than a few cobwebs, but it's homey, and it smells good. So take off your boots and pants and stay a while. I get cable porn.
Speaking of which, I saw a show today with the name "Hardcore Pawn" as in pawning stuff off. I laughed. So you have to laugh as well.
Parting joke!
What is brown and sounds like a bell?
Sayanora Sasquatch!

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