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-The General, Dispatch

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Which I Am Surprised With What People Enjoy

Alrightio, which one of yous is reading my list of guys I would screw every single day?

Because it sure as shit ain't me because I don't track my own page views. And I don't check that page every day *cough cough usually cough cough*.

So I've written about 19 posts yeah? I know I know, I should write more, but I've only had this blog, full time, since around April. I'm coming up on my two month anniversary. Me and Finn are having a party with cupcakes for me and cookies for him (Get it? Computer cookies? I'm a nerd) and we will all dance around like loons on loon pills this has gone on too far.

Where was I?

Right. The disproportionate amount of times my list of guys I would screw has been looked at. In the past month, hold on a sec.... it has gotten 271 page views. While the next closest one has gotten 13 page views. Is there a disconnect there, or something?

Whatever. Maybe I should do more Top Ten Lists. I could be the new Letterman. He is the one who does Top Ten Lists, right? I'm not getting my crappy late night comedy show hosts mixed up? Whatever, I don't care. I watch Nip/Tuck when I can't sleep. Or I watch cooking shows.

I mean, I shouldn't be surprised. People have sick minds. I should be worried about my safety. Who's to say you all aren't sick bastards who listen to young girls ramble incessantly about absolutely nothing on the Internetz?

But really?

I have so much more to offer. Not really, but I like to think I do. In my own mind I do.  SHUT UP I DO!!!

I'm going to go weep quietly.  Or eat dinner. One of the two.

Parting joke!

What is the relation between a pumpkin's circumference, and a pumpkin's radius squared?

Pumpkin pi.



  1. Maybe that post is coming up on a google search and getting hits from there? xD

  2. I feel like Google is just doing a massive behavioural study with those stats.
    "Let's screw with some peoples' minds by giving them pageviews from weird places!"

  3. Gabi, I agree. Google is the supreme overlord of my life.
    PeaceLoveandSharpies, I finally decided to get to the bottom of it and I looked at my traffic sources and all of the images send people here. Which makes me sad that more of them aren't reading me :'( But who cares? I FIGURED OUT THE MYSTERY!!


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