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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Explanations (Of Sorts)

Alright so in my previous post I mentioned that I've met Bo Burnham. And this is true. This is the absolute truth.


It was five years ago, when he was a freshman in high school, AKA before he was famous. And I was ten, and was hanging out with my friend who used to live in his neighborhood. And we ran in to him when he was walking his dogs and we petted his dogs and said hi and he said hi and that was really it. Ten year olds don't really have that much to say to teenagers. We just wanted to pet his puppies.

Then he got famous, about three years later. That was when I stalked his house. Not obviously. Me and the same friend (Hannah, who is awesome. She is literally my twin, in all ways except being actually related.) walked back to her house and walked past his and creepily took pictures of his driveway, which I still have somewhere. I'm a freak.

And an explanation about the Avatar thing. The guy who does the voice of Aang's name is Zach Tyler. He is my cousin. His grandmother is my great aunt, which makes us second cousins, once removed. (or something) Zach, I believe, is 17, and I've never met him. I think. I have a lot of cousins on my dad's side, and they are very hard to keep track of. I may or may not have met him at a funeral once. But I don't think that I did.

So, yeah. All of my fame just went out the window. Looks like I will have to be cool using only my powers of awesome. Which in truth, I have out the wazoo. I think.

Parting Joke:

A celebrity is someone who works their entire lives to become famous enough to be recognized, and then goes around wearing disguises so they aren't.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh.

    But STILL. It counts for something, right?!??


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