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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why My Love Of Pimento Sandwiches Was Deleted

I was writing a post called 'Why My Love Of Pimento Sandwiches Is Irrelevant' and then I was going to go on and blather about something else for a time, but my stupid computer deleted the post.

Hold on for a moment while I completely lose it.


*I swear to Blog that the fuck was unintentional

Better. Much better. Like eating chocolate after a dementor attack, I have just exorcised my demons.

And to prevent homophone abuse, I said exorcise (Click here for a definition) not exercise, which if you don't know the definition to, I will assume that you are a fat lard who has nothing better to do than sit on their fat behind and troll about the internet.

Crap, I just described myself. Minus the fat bit. I'm not fat. Just short.

So now I have nothing really to write about, minus the fact that I have neglected this blog, and for that I'm truly morose. I created this blog as an exerise (HAHA) in stretching my sardonicism muscle and as a way to bring random education to the masses. Well, so far I only have 5 posts and the masses equal two, but that's better than I was doing a week ago!

MWAHAHA!! Today it's two poor fools, tomorrow the world!! I promise that I'm not a psycho. Much. Ha?

Anywhoodles, that post was literally about nothing at all. But I truly do love Pimento spread sandwiches. Mmm, pimento. See top.

Yours most sincerely,

The Ramblemeister.

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