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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dialogues Between To Unnamed Characters

"In the beginning, the world was beautiful. The skies were clear, and the plains were sprawling and -"

"What's sprawling?"

"Sprawling is very big and wide, now let -"

"Like the dome?"

"Yes, kind of like the dome. Now, would you let me finish?"


"It's all right kid, I'm trying to tell a story though. Where was I?"

"The plains were sprawling."

"Oh, yes. The plains were sprawling and the oceans were as deep as the mountains were tall. There were...what the hell are you doing?"

"I'm raising my hand."

"Why in bloody hell are you doing that?"

"It's what we do in class when we want to ask a question."

"Do you have a question?"

"Yes. What's a mountain? And what's an ocean?"

"A mountain is a really tall hill, and the ocean was a huge lake, big enough to span most of the Earth."

"Before the Habitation?"

"Yes. Can I go on? Alright. The oceans were as deep as the mountains were tall. There were beasts frolicking in the plains and the empire of Man was at its peak. Then, the story changes. Some say that money lost its worth and the economy collapsed, sending the world into chaos. Some say that the old religions caused a world war so large that it blotted out life all over. Some say that the Moon and the Sun had a fight and the Sun won, and it scorched all life off of Earth. Others say this is the Gods' punishment for losing faith."

"What do you believe?"

"Kid, I just don't know anymore."


  1. I feel like I'm the one that doesn't know shit. And by shit, I mean anything. Including the other definition of shit, which happens to be categorized in the large group of "anything".

    You're cool.

  2. "Why in bloody hell are you doing that?"

    That line was genius. I burst out laughing, and my dad came in to see if I was having a seizure.

    I agree. You're cool.

  3. Thanks again. You make me feel legen- wait for it -dary.

  4. Dairy. Legend dairy. Cheese that fights crime. Yogurt that saved the president from ninjas. Milk highly trained in martial arts.

  5. Yes. Legendary Dairy. Pity that I'm lactose intolerant! :)


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