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-The General, Dispatch

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3: Just A Quickie. But Not Like That. Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter

I only have two things to say today.  Nope, make that three things.

1. I am going to ace my algebra test tomorrow.

2. My older brother won his first home game of his final high school baseball season.  So proud, so proud.

3. Dmitri from Anastasia is my favorite Disney lead.  Not to mention probably the cartoon character I had the biggest crush on as a child.

Okay that is all.  I just had to get a post in before midnight.

3 minutes to spare.  WHAT UP!!

Love and kisses,



  1. Oh gosh. I always have crushes on cartoons. Glad you're there with me.

  2. Dimitri from Anastasia was/is my biggest cartoon crush!


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