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-The General, Dispatch

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21: Sometimes I Hate Vacation

You know why?  Because I can't stand being around my family that long.  I'm just... Not good at it, I suppose?  I really suck at interacting with other human beings, probably because I'm some alien life form who was placed here thousands of years ago, or whatever.

Do you know what my father just did?

He stopped the dishwasher that I just loaded and turned on and RELOADED IT.  He stopped the dishwasher, moved things around, and then started it again.  Like, what the hell?  My loading wasn't good enough for you?  Okay, I see how it is!

I'm not good at families.  I'm not good at friends.

I'm not really good at anything, particularly.

God, I feel a bit depressed.

That would happen, wouldn't it?  It's a lovely day out, I'm on vacation, and suddenly I'm depressed.

It must be because I have school in two days time.

Someone kill me.



  1. Yuck. School. Feeling the same way. It'll be better soon :)

  2. Don't be depressed! Be happy! Please. It makes me sad when people are sad.

    But I know what you mean. I do. I hope your vacation improves, in the meantime.

    I've forgotten completely about your play! I'm about half a dozen pages in, is all. I like it so far! I would finish it tonight, except I have five chapters of Huck Finn to read for our debate tomorrow. Oh God...

    1. Read Huck Finn! It's way better than my play!


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