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Take a shower, shine your shoes/ You got no time to lose/ You are young men you must be living/ So go now you are forgiven.
-The General, Dispatch

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yeah... I'm Kind of Crap At This Whole 'Blogging' Thing

So I apologize to anyone who reads my blog, because it has been a week and a half, almost a fortnight, and I haven't posted a thing.  So.  Here is me, apologizing.  To make up for it I will post adorable pictures of seals, and maybe a picture of me.  O.O
Here is me, being sad.  But instead of me, you have a sad seal.  A very sad, adorable seal who is very very sorry for not posting.
Here is me, happy that maybe some of you will care.  Happy seal is happy.  How can you say no to a face like that.  Oh my god, I just want to snorgle it and love it forever and ever.
Yeah, I said snorgle.  Deal with it.
Many things have happened in the week and a half that I didn't talk to all y'all.
Not really, I just wanted to type that sentence.  Don't judge me.
I am on vacation now, so, I have time to lounge around and do nothing.  Which is false, because right now I am in the midst of planning a novel.  I love how inspiration for a novel doesn't come during November.  I could have won NaNoWriMo.  But noooo, my brain has to get creative four months after.
Truth be told, I am really okay with this.  I really like the idea I have right now and I want to make it the best that I can.  I am actually combining my new idea with an idea that I had years ago.  So long ago that the character names are written on my desk.  But I'm not stealing the characters.  Just the idea.  The characters weren't fleshed out.  The idea was pretty good though.
Here is another picture. I feel obligated to post them to keep you guys reading, since I'm being a boring old fart today.
Everytime I look at that photo, I die laughing.  This is me, as a ghost, typing to you.  I want to write more, but nothing interesting has happened to me as of late, but that could change.  Keep in touch ya crazy kids.
One more picture, for good measure.

Get it? Moustache, must dash?
I fail.
Anyfloozle, I love all of you to bits and pieces, which I will then consume to get closer to your love.  Anomanomanomanom.
Love and kisses,


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