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Friday, November 11, 2011


Click this link.
This link will lead you to a magical place that will change your life.
Or, if it doesn't change your life, if you buy a copy of this book, it will go to an amazing charity, the Bulembu Project.
This will lead you to it, so click on it, and read about it, because it is so worth it.
I'm writing two articles for it, and so are every other person working on this project.
They are all fantastic writers, and awesome people, so go check them out.  Here they all are:
Lewis Shaw - Editor - Hampshire, England -

Founder and Editor of The Thought Report project, Lewis Shaw is a British student, living and working in a small town 40 miles from London. He runs his own company where he wears plaid shirts and jumps around on bouncy castles. In addition to running his blog and the project, he has also done volunteer work, planning and executing a trip to Bulembu in Swaziland, and working in a mental institution.

Jessica Teng - Xi'an, China - www.lemons-dont-make-lemonade.blogspot.com

Jessica Teng is a ridiculously talented fifteen-year-old who spends her time being a role model for less awesome human beings. Jessica is also a deranged, guy deprived homeschooler living under a rock.To distract herself from her almost unexistent social life, Jessica plays online Scrabble, draws pretentiously complex abstract art, and runs her blog, Lemons Don't Make Lemonade.

Ashendra Silva - Brisbane, Australia - www.cheesecakeparadox.blogspot.com

Ashendra Silva is a Sri-Lankan born computer technician living in Brisbane, Australia. He spends his days goofing off at work, taking pictures of people taking pictures and living off of a strict diet of canned meals and cheesecake. He is also rumoured to be a Freemason, but no evidence has yet been found.

Elisabeth Davis - Texas, USA - www.bookishspazz.blogspot.com

Lizzi Dee is a Native Born Texan, honors student, and blogger from Longview, Texas. She's an avid overachiever, skilled speechmaker, and editor of her school yearbook. She likes philosophy, Doctor Who, and doesn't like watching films with other people.

Jennelle Barosin - Massachusetts, USA - www.ramblingzombies.blogspot.com

Thrilled to talk in the third person about herself, Jen Barosin is a full time nerd and part time high school student from Massachusetts. She enjoys writing, chocolate, and initiating awkward conversations with whichever victim she chooses.

Ross Gilligan - Oxfordshire, UK - www.cookie-ross.blogspot.com

Ross Gilligan is a Professional Science Person and wannabe Airline Pilot from Oxfordshire, UK. When he's not combining sleeping pills and tequila in some of England's finest establishments, you can find him in a science lab doing clever stuff, writing on his blog, or sitting in his room making plane noises. Mostly the latter.

Jennifer Grudziecki - New York, USA - www.secretlifeofanenglishteacher.blogspot.com

Jennifer Grudziecki is a Kings College Sophomore and semi-permanent Sparknotes intern, currently making her home among the concrete mountains of New York. She likes editing to the point of obnoxiousness, and forcing her friends to eat burnt cookies.

Ken Stevens - UK - www.grumpyoldken.com
A retired schoolteacher from the United Kingdom, Ken Stevens has led quite a varied career - from classrooms to barbershops, Woolworths to window dressing, offices, farms, door to door sales, and now writing - not only a hugely successful blog, but on The Thought Report as well.

King Rhetoric - www.cagedgreatness.com

Somewhere amongst the misty snow-capped peaks of deepest, darkest Canada, resides the nameless enigma of the Thought Report team. Whether he's a bearded Santa Claus impersonator in a lumberjack shirt or an acne covered teenager in suspenders, we will never know his true identity - all we know is, he excels at what he does.

Fickle Cattle - Manila, Phillipines - www.ficklecattle.blogspot.com

Von Bryan Cuerpo (A.K.A. Fickle Cattle) is a lawyer and writer from Manila, capital of the Philippines. When he isn't doing law things or updating his award-winning blog, he likes to spend his time thinking hard about what he would do if he had spare time.

Ann Cordner - Spalding, UK - www.retiredandcrazy.com

Having spent 2010 travelling Eastwards from London to New York in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care after her husbands life was taken by cancer, 71 year-old Ann Cordner felt she should just push out the metaphorical boat, and got involved with The Thought Report team. A true example of fundraisers at their finest.

Wag the Dad  - Vienna, Austria - www.wagthedad.com

'Wag the Dad' is a husband of one, father of three, friend to many and corporate drone from the US, living in Vienna, Austria. He spends his time balancing work, kids, reading, working out, going out, television, and his pretty damn useful blog, Wag the Dad.
I kind of just copied the blog.  But if you want to go see the site, click my first link.  Seriously.  Click it.  Or I will send legions of my flying monkeys to get you.  And I do have legions.  I keep them in my pockets.  I have lots of pockets.
So go buy a copy of this book!  Well, er, it isn't quite out yet, so just go check out the website and get some views on the site.
I will be eternally grateful.
Now I have to go write my articles, and do a history project, and do my NaNoWriMo, which is slowly turning into a NaNoWriWhenEverIHaveTimeToWriteANovel.  But it will get done.  Mark my words.
So, go check out the site.  Seriously.
Okay, I'm done with the shameless plugging.  Go check it out!!!!  Okay, now I'm done.
Love and kisses all,
(Oh, and if you didn't know, I'm Jennelle Barosin.  I know that I've mentioned my name before, but better safe than sorry.)


  1. This is so cool. And you're doing NaNoWriMo, which is something I gave up on last year and didn't think about all this year until Nov. 2nd, when I decided, "I'm already a day behind... that's so much catching up to do."

    Thus, nothing.

  2. Good luck with NaNo!!
    I'm doing it too. I'm dying a little bit, but nbd.

  3. *High-five*

    Let's hope this thing takes off, yo. I've just plugged it on my blog as well.

    Godpseed, us.

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