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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So I Get These Headaches....

I have a post in the works that is funny and interesting, but I just wanted to give you guys some good news.  Well, mainly it's good news for me, but still. This is huge.

I've been getting crippling headaches for the past four years.  Recently, they have been so bad that I've been taking ibuprofen every single day, multiple times a day.

Finally, I got to see a neurologist. 

And today I heard the best news ever.

What I have has a name.  And a cure.  I don't need surgery, I'm not dying.  It's curable.  I can be cured.  I'm not lying to you all when I tell you I cried when I got into the car.  Well, that was partially from a headache and partially from relief.

I have occipital neuralgia.  Basically, I have a twinged nerve in my head.  And this nerve hates my guts, so it's very irritated.  Which gives me headaches.  But it is completely treatable.

The only problem is that since I've been taking ibuprofen so much, I'm having rebound headaches.  Which are a complete bitch.  So I have to detox.  Cold turkey.  No pain meds.

Do you have any idea how much pain I'm in? A lot.  A lot a lot.  Imagine a string stretching from just behind your eye to the back of your head.  Now imagine that that string is electrified, and is stabbing you repeatedly behind the eye.  It hurts.  A whole damn lot.  Like, I got a headache at two thirty and it hasn't gone away and it is seven twenty.  That is a five hour headache.

Wish me luck guys.  It is going to be a long road to recovery, but I can be recovered.  I'm so happy right now.  Well, maybe not happy.  Relieved.

I am relieved.

Love and kisses,



  1. Good luck! (and refu'ah sheleima :P )
    I'm happy they found out what was wrong.

  2. Shit. Now I feel all guilty for bitching about my stupid little headaches. I'm really sorry you're going through all of this pain. I hope you get better. I'll pray for you. Not to Jesus, though, because I remember that you're Jewish. Just to God. And to John Lennon.


  3. Congratulations! I'm glad you'll be doing better, soon :)

  4. Good to hear. Good luck and I hope everything goes well!

    Fickle Cattle


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