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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Awww, I Love These Things.

So I got tagged in a Liebster Award from my pally-wally Izzy (whom I love, and I swear to God above I will email you back as soon as I'm done with my play XOXO) and I figured that while I am procrastinating finishing my AP work (which I really should finish considering how it is due tomorrow and I had all vacation to do it and I DIDN'T because I was busy with other things but whatever; none of you care about that) I would do this because it makes me happy that I was nominated so yay.  I love getting things.  Or being nominated for things.

I promise that I will update all of you on my ridiculous life later, but right now, let's procrastinate!  Onwards and upwards!

Question One: Who is your favorite musical artist ever?
Izzy, you are a cruel mistress.  I have no idea who my favorite musical artist is, because it is constantly changing.  Going on voice alone, and how willing I am to pirate their music, I'd have to say Aaron Tveit - and if you don't know Aaron Tveit, be prepared.  I am planning to do a post about how much I love him.  But yeah, Aaron Tveit.  I love his voice an inordinate amount.  It is kind of sickening, really, but hey - who's judging?  Not this kid.
...Oh, did you mean like MUSICIAN, not like... musical artist... Like not an actor... Oh my god I'm an absolute idiot.
Musical artists - right now it's Johnny Flynn.  The same statement holds from before.  My preferences are always changing.
Actually, getting down to brass taxes, I think Aaron Tveit is just my favorite everything.

Question Two: Favorite John Green Book?
No contest.  The Fault in Our Stars, hands down.  The is the first book that I've ever written in, it affected me that much.  John Green is my inspiration, and his books are proof that you don't have to write down to teenagers, which happens so often in the YA genre.  TFiOS affected me more than a book should be able to, so that is my favorite.

Question Three: Best Harry Potter character and why?
I am not meaning to sound cliche when I say this, but honestly, Harry is my favorite character, and he is the best character to me.  Harry is weirdly underrated as a favorite character when you ask people.  I connect with Harry.  He is trying to make his way through this wonderful world that he has discovered, a world that doesn't solve all of his problems, a world that creates problems just the way the Muggle world does.  Harry is brave, and a good person, and intensely loyal to his friends and while he isn't as smart as Hermione or as funny as Ron, Harry is so sarcastic and so sassy (something that was missing from the movies, in my opinion.  Sass Potter is the best Potter.).  But Harry was, no is, one of my best friends.  He got me through my childhood.  He was my best friend when I needed one, and he is always there when I need him.  Harry is my favorite and he is the best, because he is such a good person, and I think we can all learn a learn a lesson from him.
And thus ends my rant.

Question Four: Do you get along well with your siblings?
Yes and no.  For those who don't know, I have two brothers - one older, one younger - and while my older brother and I get along simply because of our proximity of age, my younger brother and I have a great deal more in common and if he were older would probably be friendlier.  So yes, I do get along quite well with my brothers.  They can both being annoying little shits, but I love them anyways.

Question Five: Do you prefer big fluffy socks, slipper socks, or slippers?

Question Six: Favorite film you've watched this year?
UGH.  This is another evil question.  Well, considering that I watched Les Mis on the first, I'm inclined to say Les Miserables, because it was kind of a life-changing experience.  I mean, let's be honest, it really was.  If any of you follow me on Tumblr, you know this.  My Tumblr is basically a shrine to Les Miserables, Aaron Tveit's butt, really terrible puns, and off-color humor.  You should follow it for a laugh.  And I'm not joking about the Aaron Tveit's butt thing.  That is a thing.  (Sorry for the self-promotion; I honestly laugh at these things and I want others to laugh with me.  So laugh with me?)
Besides Les Miserables, I really liked Howl, with James Franco and (WHAT A SHOCKER) Aaron Tveit.  It was a movie about Allen Ginsberg, and I loved it.
Also, Girl Walks Into A Bar with (HOLY SHIT I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM SEND HELP I HAVE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP) Aaron Tveit (WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED THAT?) and a bunch of other people.  You can watch it for free on YouTube and I totally recommend that you do, since the banter in this movie is legendary and it is all that I strive for in my own writing.
So yeah. Those are my favorites so far.  No one judge me.

Question Seven: Do you prefer high school or university? (Sorry Jen!)
I'm assuming the sorry Jen is for me, as I am (so sadly) not yet out of high school.  I don't really mind high school.  It's fine, but I'm pretty done with it at this point.  I can't wait to start the next part of my life, and at this point I just need to get out of my tiny little town and see the world.  However, I have one year left, which is stupid, but hey, I'm fine with not growing up and assuming adult responsibilities.

Question Eight: Favorite fizzy drink?
Oh Izzy, you are so delightfully British and when I come to England I am hanging out with you in real life and we are getting fizzy drinks and talking about boys and generally being goons.  Do you want this?  Because I do.  But my favorite fizzy drink is Fanta.  I do like all orange sodas, but Fanta is my favorite, and it reminds me of Israel.  Other than Fanta, I like ginger ale and root beer.

Question Nine: Favorite season?
I am partial to autumn because 1. my birthday is in autumn; 2. where I live it is exceptionally beautiful during the autumn; and 3. it is the perfect temperature for me.

Question Ten: Make-up - do you care about it or not?
Hmm, this is a tough one.  I absolutely do wear make-up.  I don't like the whole feminist idea that make-up was created by men and that women shouldn't wear it.  If you want to wear make-up, wear the fuck out of that make-up.  Wear it for you.  That is who I wear it for.  I wear makeup for myself.  I wear it to get rid of my dark circles and my acne scars and all that other junk.  I think wearing red lipstick makes me feel like a princess and if I could wear it every day I totally would.  I wear eye makeup almost every day because I like how it looks.  It makes me feel pretty and that is what counts.
But I also have days where I say 'fuck it' and I throw in the towel and I only put on lotion and I still feel just as beautiful as if I was wearing all of my makeup.  Makeup is a state of mind.  We are all the makeup.

So thank you for this, Izzy!  I don't really know who to tag, because I kind of don't have enough brain power or time left to procrastinate to figure out who to tag, so that will come later.  But it will come!  Possibly with my next post!

Love and Kisses, all of you goonies!

I'm off to finish my work and then to watch the Oscars, because the Les Miserables cast is performing and I need my daily dose of Aaron Tveit and Eddie Redmayne.  What can I say; I'm insatiable.  And insane.

Yes that too.

Alright - love and kisses fooligans!



  1. You mean "talking about blokes and generally being goons", surely.

  2. I want to have fizzy drinks and be goons. It sounds awesome. Also you say Autumn? I thought in your magical land, they called it Fall.


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