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Monday, November 26, 2012

You Wanna Hear A Joke?

So there were three cats and they were in a swimming race.  There was the One-Two-Three cat from England, the Eins-Zwei-Drei cat from Germany, and the Un-Deux-Trois cat from France.

Which cat lost and why?




The Un-Deux-Trois quatre cinq.

(If you know French, this is automatically funny, if not, here is a handy explanation:
Un-Deux-Trois Quatre Cinq is roughly pronounced as Un-Deux-Trois Cat Sank. There in lies the humor.)

This has been a Joke With Jennelle, and she'd appreciate more jokes.  Jokes are the best.

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  1. A band is playing a show at a rock club, and it's going really well. The audience is loving it and it looks like there's some talent scouts in the audience.

    The guitarist thinks, "This is awesome. I can't wait. All the girls are going to love me."

    The drummer thinks, "This is incredible. We're going to be so rich and I can finally upgrade this crappy drum kit."

    The lead singer thinks, "This is wonderful. We're going to tour all around the nation and become so famous."

    And the bassist thinks, "D-F-G-F-D".

    Thank you, thank you.


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