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-The General, Dispatch

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5: Agh, Writer's Block Is Going To Kill Me

I have writer's block.  Again.  MY SCRIPT IS DUE IN ABOUT A WEEK'S TIME!!! I AM ROYALLY FUCKED!!!!

Seriously, I am begging everyone.  Shout random ideas at me.  Throw them at me, for God's sake!  We'll see if one sticks.

So yeah.  That is basically my life right now.  Please shoot me.

Love and kisses,



  1. Random ideas!? Chickens. Road trips. Coffee. Earthquakes. I have no idea what your script is about! Take a bubble bath and relax! I feel your pain.

  2. Gah. Umm.. forest, cereal, kittens, shooting, Paris. That's the best I could do- I hope it gets better for you. I second the idea of a bubble bath.

  3. clams, wizards, popcorn, robots, dwight schrute, lions, spelling bee, john green, alcoholics, tea.

    Is this a script for class? because if it is, lkfjsdlfjdskjflsjfskviorgjir DUE DATES ARE THE WORST :)

    And I third the idea of a bubble bath.

  4. Meh!
    light, sweat, beanbag, books, food, chocolates, shoes, jeans, horses....

    Is that good enough?! How about you hint what the script is about?

    I fourth the idea of a bubble bath! (:


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