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Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 14: An Open Letter To My New (ish) Obsessions

I can get obsessed with things.  Easily.  Too easily, perhaps.  But the thing about my obsessions, is that they never really go away.  I just have a lot of things that I am obsessed with.  And that's a good thing.  I am allowed to be unironically obsessed with things, because 1. I don't give a flying banana what anyone thinks of me, and 2. It's nice finding new things to love.  I enjoy it.  A lot. To much, perhaps.

Anyways, before I begin, I have to say an obligatory Happy Birthday to my elder brother.  He's just turned 18, and now he's an adult.  I love him, even if I don't always show it.  He's an inspiration.  Even if he doesn't know it.

Also, another milestone has been reached, though it is not for a living entity.  Unless you count the Interwebs as an entity.  I'll just say it - post 100!  I've reached it y'all!  I've conquered the first one hundred posts!  Here's to another hundred, and then another!

Now, to my obsessions!

Dear My Obsessions,

Why are you awesome?  Honestly, it isn't fair to me.  I have other things to do in my life besides looking up pictures of Josh Hutcherson shirtless on Google, which I did last night!

Do you see what you have reduced me to?  It isn't good, obsessions.  Not at all.

One Direction, why do you all have to be so lovely and hilarious?  I keep wasting my time watching your video diaries.  You all just seem like such lovely people, like you wouldn't be rude or anything if I asked for a hug.  Although, sometimes, you seem to hate your fans, which weirdly makes me like you more.  On top of that, I have always had a soft spot for boy bands, ever since I saw N'Sync in concert.  I was six, and I was smitten.  I still have the necklace.  It doesn't hurt that your music is really good.  It is catchy, and perfectly engineered to make teenage girls go crazy.  But it works for you, and I applaud that.  Honestly, it all so catchy; I haven't stopped singing What Makes You Beautiful for a long time, and I am not ashamed to admit that.  It also doesn't hurt that you are actually really good singers.  I know they fix up your voices and such with music tech, but I don't think they need to. I watched you on X-Factor. I was rooting for you all!  Plus, your adorable looks and charm are unfair to female contingent of the world.  You are all quite literally too good looking. You all have to stop being so perfect.  Please.  For the sake of womankind.

Seriously lads.  Put away your god damn sexy!
It isn't fair.  And it also isn't fair that I can't have all of them in a sexy man sandwich.  Don't lie and say you wouldn't want one too.  Because then you would be a dirty liar.

Josh Hutcherson, well... I've already discussed you.  Just look at my last post.  It's basically a tribute to Panem's finest tribute.  How fucking witty am I? I'm hilarious.  Okay, no I'm not.  Just let me live out my delusions of grandeur, okay?  I'm going to die alone with a million cats, anyways.  It's not like it's going to hurt.

Of Monsters and Men, why must you be so amazing and Icelandic?  I swear, I have a soft spot for music from Iceland; another one of my favorite bands is from there (Sigur Ros).  I'd check out both Sigur Ros and Of Monsters and Men.  They are both lovely and fantastic.

Here are linkity links to clickity click.

Sigur Ros - Staralfur

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

Little Talks has the best music video ever.  Seriously.

So yeah.  New obsessions, stop being so obsession worthy.  It isn't fair to me, or to anyone involved.

Love and kisses,



  1. One Direction obsessions are healthy. Completely good for you. Like one of your five a day.

  2. One Direction and Josh Hutcherson <3 can't get much better than that!x


  4. Congratulations on your 100th post!! And Happy Birthday to your brother, as well. He's really a big kid now, isn't he? I don't ever wanna grow up. That's why I'm going to run away to Neverland.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! One Direction is disgusting. Gross gross gross gross! No. No. Wrong. That is wrong. I am not in agreement with you about One Direction.

    In regards to Josh Hutcherson, on the other hand, I am very much in agreement with you.

    I like Sigur Ros, too!

    When are you going to show us your play?

  5. Sigh. 1D and Josh Hutcherson <3 Both extremely obsessable.


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